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Pushpanjali medi India Private Limited

Pushpanjali medi India Private Limited – led by Mr. Prakash Kumar Sethia (a qualified Chartered Accountant) – promotes/markets and sells products covering the fields of Orthopaedics, Prosthetics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, with a pan-India distribution network covering 140+ cities & dealer strength of 400+

The Head Office of Pushpanjali medi India Private Limited is located at Kolkata – a city situated in the eastern part of the Indian sub-continent, with an employee strength of 85+ and a patient
care unit, Pushpanjali Hi-tech Rehab Centre, founded in 2013 covering 5000 sq ft, comprising of Hi-tech Prosthetic & Orthotic clinic/workshop; Hi-tech Physiotherapy clinic
along with Doctor consultancy & a product display area.

The present product line includes Anti-Embolism Stockings, Medical Compression Stockings, Compression Armsleeves, Compression Garments, Orthopaedic Supports & Braces, Prosthetic Component products and Physiotherapy Products & Equipments along with Wound Care products from Euromed Inc., USA and Scar Management products from Cereplas, France.

All these high quality products are regularly being prescribed and recommended by specialists in the fields of General Surgery, Neuro-Surgery, Orthopaedics, Oncology, Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery, Cardiology, General Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Gynaecology, Neuro-Medicine, Dermatology and others. The entire product range is being distributed, presently, in 140+ cities of India with the help of 400+ distributors all over the country. The annual turnover of the company is approximately US$ 10 million.

Advanced machineries for making Prostheses are imported from Schein Orthopadie Service GmbH, Germany while Physiotherapy machines & equipments are supplied by Chinesport spa, Italy.

The division’s employee strength of 85+ are professionally qualified in the fields of Bio-Science, Technology, Commerce and Marketing. An in-house training program is conducted throughout the year at the head office to inform and update the employees & distributors so as to enhance their understanding of the product range and know-how.

Currently PMIPL is working towards expansion of its product portfolio across segments and categories to emerge as a responsible and credible importer of relevant & useful products for the treatment of lifestyle related ailments so as to provide a better quality of life for the patient. In a bid to spread awareness about the use of the product ranges and to increase accessibility, promotional activities are continuously undertaken through print & electronic medium and through participation in Conferences and CMEs all over the country. In-depth brochures & leaflets are printed for free distribution along with publication of online business webpages in B2B and B2C sites. Conferences and Awareness programs are also conducted regularly by the division at its newly inaugurated Pushpanjali Hitech Rehab Center (PHRC), located in the city of Kolkata, India.

Prompt and accurate handling of customer enquiry has been a hallmark of our customer service. A “data desk” has been made operational under this division, where all forms of enquiries related to customer’s sales record, original purchase order or even a product literature request is responded on the same day. Our electronically stored data system assists in extracting detailed reports of any form to address queries professionally (e.g. current sales report of a sales person or of an individual customer, etc.)

Distributorship deal has been finalized with four companies and negotiations are in the final stages for acquiring marketing and distribution rights of two innovative products of well-known brands in India through Pushpanjali Medi India Private Limited (PMIPL)

The manufacturers are provided with comprehensive marketing and sales coverage across five distinct market zones in India. This extensive sales promotion leads to an entirely new customer classification. PMIPL has designed its sales and marketing programs so as to maximize sales executive – customer interaction time. Each sales person operates out of a major market center selected for optimum sales coverage with the principal objective of customer service. For a manufacturer looking out for a cost-effective answer to its increasing Sales & Profitability requirement, PMPIL is the automatic choice.

The group company of PMIPL is Pushpanjali Credit Resources Limited (PCRL). It’s divisions are Pushpanjali Financial Services – mobilizing and marketing financial instruments, Pushpanjali Corporate Consultancy – promoting enterprise in the corporate sector and Pushpanjali Global Resources – providing office, infrastructure, manpower, distribution capabilities and knowledge of the Indian market to global companies

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