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Artificial limb services

The prosthetic solution is one of the core rehab solutions that is offered at this centre where a dedicated team of qualified and experienced prosthetists is present to provide world class artificial limb fitment experience in the heart of Kolkata.

Following an amputation, the very basic rehabilitation includes fitting with the best artificial limb and a proper training regime to facilitate proper use of the fabricated pseudo body part as a substitute to the lost limb.

Here at PHRC, the prosthetic team after a detailed assessment of the amputation level, physical fitness and health conditions, working/ residential  surroundings and mobility class, will not only select the optimum combination of the prosthetic parts, but will also fabricate the socket interface and align the prosthesis at the hi-tech laboratory which includes machineries from SCHIEN ORTHOPAEDICS, GmbH, Germany.

The limb fitting experience has come up a long way from the jaipur foot technique to the latest of myo electric, microprocessor controlled limb which can emulate a life like experiences and enables the user to perform lost functions in a very effective way

Focussing primarily on substituting both the lost limb and its functionality with it, the training to use the artificial limb forms a very integral part of the rehab protocol at our centre. A sophisticated gait arena where some of the latest technologies such as live feedback system, integrated stair and ramp systems are used along with the presence of conventional parallel bar gait training facility.

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