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"Using since last three years, Excellent quality & result"

Prakash Bhai S. Patel, Nadiad

, (27th. Feb'18), Shared his opinion after using Duomed

"One of the Best Service provider meet till date., Best of Luck Aditya Pharma for Future Development"

Sunil Vithal Gaikwad, Nashik

, (26th. Feb'18), Shared his opinion after using Mediven Forte

"I love your Company. You are the best company on the world"

Atul Saha, Naihati

, (6th Feb'18), Shared his opinion after using Duomed

"Best result, Best Quality, Best durability, Best Fabrics & Easily afordable cost"

V. Sudhamani, Bagepalli

, (26th Dec'17), shared his opinion after using mediven struva 23/35, Duomed

"I Sri Sanjib Kumar Sarkar, I inform you that this product is very essential for me, next time purchased this product and many many thanks that company"

Sanjib Kumar Sarkar, Jalpaiguri

, (07th Sept'17) shared his opinion after using medi hip orthosis

"This product is very comfortable & best"

Lalit Jadhav, Nashik

, (22nd Aug'17), Shared his opinion after using Duomed

"Your service was very good & your product is very good more than your service it gives best result to us"

Suryawanshi Eknath Gopal, Nashik

, (10th Jul'17), Shared his opinion after using our products

"Nothing, Simply tour product is best and easy to wear"

Mr.Digambar Bhadekar, Nanded

, (8th Dec'16) shared his opinion after using Duomed.

"The stockings i useed is for the problem in my legs- Varicos Veins (Police Man Leg). By using this stockings the pain is reduced. Thanks for this woulderful product. It is the best stockings, I have ever seen. This brings down the pain very easily. I am very thankful for this company."

Md.Bilal A., Trichy

, (18th Nov'16) shared his opinion after using Duomed

"Good Product, Good Quality, Good Utility, Good Service, Good People to sell good company products."

Mr.B.C.Chetty, Visakhapatnam

, (08th Nov'16) shared his opinion after using Fit & In-shape

"Best product , nice gives best gripes support and for the non healthy and for handicapped persons, Its best than the other products comparatively".

Mr.Mallanna S.Bamshetty, Gulbarga

, (03rd Oct'16) shared his opinion after using Duomed

"Socks is very useful for vericose veins, I have got 100% results. I can walk very smoothly when I have wear socks"

Mr.B.J.Shah, Ahmedabad

, (11th August'16) shared his opinion after using Duomed.

"Ulcer since 6 months -I was suffering from non-healing ulcer, * 08.08.15 was cured within 3 months i.e.11.11.15"

Mr.Ashok Ganpatlal Shelbt, Anand

, (08th Aug'2016) shared his opinion after using Duomed

"I am using the product for last 4 years, I found it satisfactory for presenting swelling of my right leg upto knee from toe, I would like to purchase next pair from you through mail order. Is it possible as I find different in printed price marked on carton & actual sale price"

Mr.Diwakar P.Godbole, Bangalore

, (31st July'16) shared his opinion after using Duomed

"Knee bandage is very useful for above fifty age women. They can save their knee & safe from knee replacement"

Ms.Swati Kamlesh Parekh, Rajkot

, (25th July'16) shared her opinion after using Protect OA soft.

"I am now using the 2nd one (duomed AG/thigh No.B, L/CCL-1) result is very good..Dr.also prescribing the duomed one"

– Ms.Anita Kundu, Kolkata

, (20th July'16) shared her opinion after using Duomed.

"I am very successfully and improving my hand using their medi wrist support"

Mr.Kumud Das, Nalbari

, (12th Jun'16) shared his opinion after using medi wrist support.

"Overall the service was good. The product was delivered to my address and I am getting better results after using it. I will recommend to use this product to others "

Ms.Mita Chakraborty, Murshidabad

, (16th May'2016) Shared her opinion after using Genumedi

"Firstly thank you for your products is very good and relaxable. My mother knee is not work properly give any suggestion"

Mr.Ashok Gavand, Solapur

, (04th May'16) shared his opinion after using medi shoulder sling

"Material is excellent, quality very beneficial, thanks"

Mr.Nagarathna, Bangalore

, (03rd May'2016) shared his opinion after using Duomed, medi4C, mediarm sling & protect sling, protect finger stax, protect.st.pro, protect ankle foot orthosis, tension free sleep

"Easy to use through slipper (white) the stocking wearing properly, no pain and comfortable to me, so stocking is best"

Mr.Paresh Kikubhai Desai, Valsad

, (16th April'2016) Shared his opinin after using our products stockings

"This product is very best, It's regular very fine, I have used with product last five years. I wear, it's very good, so it's very nice product all doctor required this"

Mr.Nirmal A Patel, Nadiad

, (01st April'2016) Shared his opinion after using Duomed

"Excellent product, let us see for the result after 6 months will able to speak on the performance"

Mr.Manoj M.Kulkarni, Bangalore

, (22nd Mar'16), Shares his opinion after using mediven struva 23, medi jeans 0° / 30°

"Long Life, low cost, good feel , best any way"

Mr.Nilesh M. Makawana, Ahmedabad

, (2nd Feb'16), shared his opinion after using our product

"Using products, stockings, protect epi, elbow support etc. since last 3 years, products are really good & effective"

Mr.Jagatpal Singh, Durg

, (05th Jan'16) shared his opinion after using Protect epi, elbow support etc.

"Best for my sweling"

Mr.Kanwar Lal Ranka, Bikaner

, (2nd Jan'16), Shared his opinion after using Sissel Well being products

"I am using the product for 18 yrs and it has done good. My entire family suffers from venous problems. I use full length mediven plus with silicon band and I was told it is not coming, not true. They didn't have stock. I have shifted from Bangalore to Kerala and I travelled to Bangalore to get this"

Mr.Vincent Mukalayil, Thiruvalla

, (6th Dec'15), shared his opinion after using Duomed panty & mediven forte.

"Being used from last 2 years, best suited for vericose veins problems. Dr.advised further not to take tablets and suggested for continued use of stockings, can carry out day to day routine work with enough comfort"

Ms.Nutan Arun Kaneri, Nashik

, (18th Nov'15), shared her opinion after using Duomed

"Billing system would be more simplified for walk in customers, rest all was great ! Cheers-keep it up"

Mr.Daljeet Singh, Kolkata, shared his opinion after using Protect Silicon Insole & Heel soft


"Service is good, Duomed Panty is very effective in controlling the pain"

Mrs Aparna Prakash, Bangalore

, (17 Oct'15)

"The product, M.Step is very good and I am using it since 12 yrs. Maintain the same quality"

Mr.Mahabala Rao H.S., Mandhya

, (06,Oct'15)

"your retail sellers of Duomed Panty should frequently ask for feedback about results, They may guide about your other products for faster recovery"

Mr.Subhash Chandra Vitthal Vivreka, Dhule

, (29, Sept'15)

"I actually purchase, Duomed pantyfor my father, he is suffering from vericose vein & my relative Dr.Rahul Deshmukh suggest stockings for his leg & especially medi company, from that day my father has satisfied with his stockings, Thanks medi for making our life easier"

Dr.Dhananjay D.Deshmukh, Yavatmal

, (11, Sept'15)

"The Product, mediven forte quality & services are very good and to the best level of satisfaction, I am happy to use this product since 10 years"

Mr.Prasanta Gupta E., Sandur

, (07, Sept'15)

"It is excellent, I am 80 yrs old, I am using it for over 9 years. It was then prized Rs.1200/- because of its excellent performance, I am still using it. Quality of yours is better than any other brand. Cost can be reduced to suit all, Quality is excellent"

Mr.T.R.Mani, Bangalore

, (06th Sept'15) shared his opinion after using M.V.Forte 2 calf.

"Your service for, Duomed is absolutely best service, I ever had, so there is no comment for improvement its already best , Keep it up"

Mr.Akash Valmik Mahajan, Jalgaon

, (23, Aug'15)

"I 'm using Duomed CCL-2 Op.Toe Thigh, TB-Beige-XL, Loved the product, want to buy some more products, do give me concession, Thank you"

Ms.Vaishali Nishikant, Mumbai

, (29th Aug'15), shared her opinion after using Duomed

"No complaints, The service of Srija Surgicals and also Duomed panty of medi is always best"

Mr.G.Kanaka Durga, Rajahmundry

, (22, Aug'15)

"Best quality, keep it up, I feel medi duomed is better"

Mr.R.Dorai Raj, Bangalore

, (19, Aug'15)

"More demo at home for better use of your valuable product, Duomed - thanks"

Mr.Pratibha R.Bhiwapurkar, Nashik

, (13, Aug'15)

"For mediven armsleeves, bringing face to face interactions, special services & knowledge together could help you to create a unique community for your customers, Tried and true methods could improve your relationship with customer"

Mrs.Gayathri S., Bangalore

, (10,Aug'15)

"Duomed panty, Online order delivery facility can be provided"

Mr.S.P.Ganesh, Vidya

, (31,Jul'15)

"So far, Duomed is not available online, Kindly make available online to visit your dealer"

Mr.Sarbajit S.Sehgal, Chembur

, (20,Jul'15)

"Inspite of being comfortable & soft, it is very delicate, To improvise on the material"

Ms. Preethi.P., Bangalore

, shared her opinion after using Duomed - (29th July'15)

"Publicity & Awarness needs to be improved for Duomed"

Mr.A.K.Shiva Shankara, Bangalore

, (18,Jul'15)

"medi patella tendon support, medi elastic knee support is really, I feel better", due to real name of the product not appeared on the material box, it is very difficult to fill the feedback form"

Mr.Dattatraya N.Kode, Mumbai

, (11, Jul'15)

"Satisfied with services, No more suggestion, continue with the good job, tested the product Protect Silicon Insole for 10 days and was satisfied"

Mr.Adappa Bhau Samarai, Pune

, (09,Jul'15)

"It would be great , if we would purchase, mediven struva 23 the product online, and also if there would be any discount"

Mr.Rathan Surana, Vizag

, (07,Jul'15)

"I feel much better by using the ortho brace (genumedi) . I am lucky to connect with 'Pushpanjali', as their service is very good, But I want to comment for one thing, that the carry bag is too ordinary, So please take care of it, thanking you"

Mr.Kriti Chatterjee, Kolkata

, (01,Jul'15)

"I have used Duomed, medi ROM II, for 3 times , Now I am feel comfortable, if you follow the guidelines. Pursuing the compression stocking of below knee is staining to be done by one and without help"

Mr.Ashawtha Narayan Rao , Bangalore

, (28,May'15)

"Sissel Orthopaedic pillow is good comfortable, helping me to stand"

Mr.Vijaya Kr.N., Mylavaram

, (20 May'15)

"This product, Duomed should be easily available, we have to travel to Jayanagar, which is 10 Kms away to buy this wonderful product"

Mr.M.Vijaylaxmi C.Rao, Bangalore

, (20,May'15)

"The service is best, medi elastic knee support 601, I feel better, thanks for your service"

Mr.R.Padma Jothi, Trichy

, (18 May'15)

"On using mediven armsleeves, slowly it is improving. I am now feeling better than earlier days. I think in future it will improve a lot . The swelling in my hand has decreased to a large extent"

Mr.Bobi Paik , Durgapur

, (06, May'15)

"Kindly make, mediven struva 35 available in all e-commerce business which will easily reach to customers"

Mr.N.R.Subraiyanya, Bangalore

, (26,Apr'15)

"On using Levamed , No pain, no tension, Good"

Mr.S.Mohammed, Chennai

, (20 Apr'15)

"Duomed is good comfortable, additional strength to calf muscle"

Mr.Vijaya Kr.N., Hyderabad

, (18 Apr'15)

"medi hip orthosis should be available at small cities, that help a lot"

Mrs.Usha Deshmukh, Pune

, (18,Apr'15)

"Best Service is being provided and also feel better after wearing mediven forte"

Mr.Rajan P.Shah, Bharuch

, (04 Apr'15)
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