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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation or enhancement is a plastic surgery wherein breast implants are used to provide proportional breast shape and improve self-esteem of the patient. This procedure is the most popular methodology for improving the size and shape of breasts. Reasons for breast enlargement surgery:
  1. Perceived under-developed breasts
  2. Difference in breast size
  3. Change of shape and size of breasts after pregnancy or breast-feeding
  4. For fuller breasts
  5. Decrease in breast volume due to weight loss or aging


The implants used for breast augmentation consist of a solid silicone rubber outer shell called a lumen. The variety of constituent materials used for breast implant is silicone gel, saline solution or hydrogel. The site of incision for inclusion of breast implant material is either just underneath the breast fold or armpit or at the lower edge of the aerola. The implant material is inserted either directly behind the breast tissue or underneath the pectoral muscle.

After care

Post-operative care is provided by an elastic bandage, like Lipomed bra. This should be worn daily (both during day and night) to provide consistent support. This should be supplemented with avoidance of strenuous activities for an effective result.
Medical tip
Basic therapy against this medical condition is medical compression garment like Lipomed bra Medical compression garments are prescribed by the doctor if required, and the patients are measured for the correct fit by specialist medical retailers (e.g. surgical appliance dealers): the user’s relevant measurements are taken so that the compression garment matches his anatomy exactly.
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