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Liposuction surgery procedure consists of aspiration of excess adipose tissue of the body to get back the desired shape, curves and body contour. It is the most common and popular procedure of reducing fat. This is not a weight loss procedure, it can achieve improved body contour, overall size decrease, and act as a stimulus for further weight loss. Liposuction is undertaken with the assistance of tumescent technique wherein requisite fat is removed through tiny holes (2 – 4.5 cm diameter) aided by specialized instruments and suction machines. Other liposuction techniques in vogue are ultrasound and laser techniques. The common sites where fatty deposit might require liposuction are as follows:
  1. Abdominal wall
  2. Flanks
  3. Thighs
  4. Buttocks
  5. Arm
Double chin, face, breast, axilla, calf and back are the other body regions where patient can benefit remarkably with liposuction. Liposuction can be done in more than one area provided the safe limit of aspiration is not exceeded. For permanent impact of this surgical procedure, aftercare for such patients is done using compression garment for a period of more than a month.
Medical tip
Basic therapy against this medical condition is medical compression garments like
  1. Lipomed basic
  2. Lipomed bra
  3. Lipomed face
Medical compression garments are prescribed by the doctor if required, and the patients are measured for the correct fit by specialist medical retailers (e.g. surgical appliance dealers): the user’s relevant measurements are taken so that the compression garment matches his anatomy exactly.


The advantages of the liposuction surgical procedure are enlisted below:
  1. It is permanent
  2. Extremely high safety record
  3. Scars are small and inconspicuous
  4. Improved appearance
  5. Treats areas that cannot be reduced by diet or exercise
  6. Very little blood loss
  7. Enables a rapid recovery
  8. Compensates for genetically inherited fat distribution and density
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