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Precautionary steps to be taken for dislocation.
  1. Prompt medical care
  2. Try to keep the joint immobile
  3. Apply ice on the affected joint
Severity of injury and site of dislocation determines the mode of treatment.
  1. Reduction – the bones are gently maneuvered by the doctor to restore its normal position
  2. Immobilisation – After restoring the bone position, the doctor would immobilize the joint using a splint/sling for several weeks.
  3. Pain medication – Pain relief through prescribed medication is advised if the severe pain persists after reduction
  4. Surgery – Depending on severity of the dislocation and associated damage to nerves or blood vessels, the patient might be required to undergo surgery. Surgery could be a recourse undertaken in cases of recurring dislocations.
  5. Rehabilitation – A rehabilitation routine is designed for gradual return to original state after removal of splint or sling. The duration would vary drastically depending on site and severity of the dislocation.
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