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Meniscus injury

Meniscus is the rubbery disc that cushions the knee between the thigh and calf bones. Two menisci are present – one each at the outer and inner edge of the knee joint. They act as shock absorbers at the knee joint assisting in stability. Cause of meniscus tear
  1. Twisting or turning quickly with the knee bent and foot planted is a usual cause of meniscus tear. This becomes more apparent with older age.
  • Minor tear – slight pain and swelling that disappears in couple of weeks
  • Moderate tear – pain along with stiffness and restricted mobility while bending the knee. Sharp pain is experienced while twisting the knee or squatting. The symptoms disappear in couple of weeks but recur if not treated.
  • Severe tear – torn out pieces of meniscus result in knee lock. Knee looses stability and straightening is not possible.
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