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Tennis Elbow

Excessive consistent exertion of forearm, wrist and hand muscles might result in elbow pain. This condition is termed as Tennis elbow. The name originated from the fact that tennis players reported such a condition frequently.

Tennis elbow involves the outer bony area (called lateral epicondyl) of the elbow. This is caused by injury effecting the muscle and tendon in this region. This condition is also called by doctors as “lateral epicondylitis”.

“Golfer’s elbow” is the term used for a similar condition occurring in the inside of the elbow. This condition is medically called as “medial epicondylitis”.


  1. Gradually increasing pain over a period of time
  2. Severe pain while using the wrist against a resistance (like lifting, opening jars, etc)
  3. Pain worsens while shaking hands or squeezing
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