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Osteoarthritis of the knee

The knee joint has 3 compartments – medial, lateral and patellofemoral. The knee joint is stabilized by the ligaments within the knee (cruciate ligaments) and ones on the inner & outer sides of the knee (collateral ligaments). Muscles and tendons also provide stability. The knee joint provides mobility by connecting the thigh bone to the shin bone. The erosion of the cartilage, present at the end of the bones at the knee joint, result in osteoporosis of the knee. Patients suffering from knee osteoporosis are advised to remain active but to avoid weight-bearing. Routine exercise like walking, swimming, cycling, etc is also advised. However patients suffering from severe osteoarthritis should consult their doctor before undertaking sporting activities Consumption of alcohol and nicotine along with excess body-weight is harmful for the cartilage.
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