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Exercise Therapy

Physical exercise & physiotherapy done simultaneously with application of back brace and drugs assists in the treatment process of osteoporosis. Exercises are an essential means of building strength and stamina of the back muscles. Back braces through their bio-feedback mechanism support of spine and facilitate muscle build-up. Outdoor sports helps in formation of Vitamin D in the skin. Indoor exercises can be done after consultation with a doctor and/or physiotherapist. Regular guidance should be taken in this regard from a specialist.

Exercises in standing position

Lift up your hands to about the level of your chest and press the palms of the hands together as hard as possible.
  1. Stretch your arms up and press the palms of your hands together as hard as possible above your head.
  2. Raise your hands to about chest level.
  3. Now press the fingertips of both hands hard against each other.
  4. Sling a towel around the back of your head and grip both ends.
  5. Pull the towel hard forwards and push your head backwards at the same time.
  6. Hold both ends of the towel at about head height.
  7. Pull the ends apart as hard as you can.
  8. Lift up one leg and wrap the towel around the back of your knee.
  9. Pull both ends of the towel upwards strongly and press downwards with your knee.
  10. Repeat this four to five times and then change legs.
Make circling movements with your shoulders: 4 to 5 times forwards, then 4 to 5 times backwards.
  1. Stretch your arms and chest upwards and breathe in deeply.
  2. Then bend your upper body forwards, let your arms hang loosely and breathe out slowly.
  3. Hold your arms, elbows bent, at about chest height.
  4. Move your arms sideways and backwards, with a "spring-back" action.
  5. Place your hands on your hips. Bend sideways with a "spring-back" action.
  6. Alternate bending to both sides.
  7. Place your left arm on your right shoulder and your right arm on your left shoulder.
  8. Now press both elbows together strongly. Hold for a few seconds.
  9. Change arms
Stand sideways in a doorway
  1. Place your hands on the left and right of the door frame. Now press the hands together hard and hold for a few seconds.
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