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Achilles tendon rupture

Achilles tendon transfers the force from calf muscles to the foot for the entire sequence of movement associated with walking, jumping, running, etc. Injuries inflicted to the Achilles tendon is mainly related to sports and games. Symptoms of Achilles tendon rupture:
  1. A snapping noise is heard at the moment of injury
  2. Sharp pain
  3. Swelling & bruising
  4. Mild to severe heel pain
  5. Unable to move on tip-toe with the hurt leg
Partial rupture of Achilles tendon is accompanied by less pain and almost normal functionality.


  Mild to moderate Achilles tendon rupture is self-curable over a period of time. However the following measures could facilitate the process.  
  1. Rest the leg – avoid weight bearing activity
  2. Apply ice-pack on the leg – 30 min duration with 3-4 hours interval
  3. Compress the leg – apply elastic bandage on the lower leg
  4. Elevate the leg
  5. Anti-inflammatory pain killer drug
  6. Heel lift – during recovery advised to use an insert in the shoe
  7. Stretching & strengthening exercise – as recommended by a specialist
In severe cases plaster casting is required or even a surgical treatment. During this period several weeks of immobilization is required in a special shoe with a progressively retractable heel-lift.
Medical tip
Orthopaedic supports or braces advised for post-operative use against Achilles tendon rupture are
  1. medi ROM Walker
  2. M.Step
  3. Achimed
Medical supports and braces are prescribed by the doctor if required, and the patients are measured for the correct fit by specialist medical retailers (e.g. surgical appliance dealers): the user’s relevant measurements are taken so that an exact anatomical fit is achieved.
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