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Why compression stockings? medical compression stockings are the basic form of treatment for venous diseases. They reduce the diameter of the distended veins with specific pressure. This accelerates the flow of blood back to the heart. Painful legs relax, and progression of the disease can be slowed down or even prevented. How can I get the stockings? These can be prescribed by your doctor if necessary, and are available without prescription in specialist medical outlets (in Germany e.g. surgical appliance retailers). How often do I need new compression stockings? In Germany, patients with venous disease have a right to new hosiery every six months (one pair of compression stockings or pantyhose) from the statutory health insurer. After this time the pressure decreases and only new garments guarantee successful treatment. A single prescription for two pairs can be reimbursable on hygienic grounds. Your doctor will decide. Which compression stockings are right for me? The doctor will write on the prescription whether below-knee or thigh-length stockings, or pantyhose are the right form of treatment. Where can I get the medical compression stockings? You can take the prescription to a medical retailer (e.g. in Germany). You will be measured carefully at many points along your body from the tip of your toes to your waist (foot, ankle, calf, knee, thigh) to determine the right size (standard size or made-to-measure) for you. How often do I wear my compression stockings? Very simple: all day, every day is ideal. The garment is indispensible for all those who spend long periods of time sitting, standing, or travelling. How do I care for the garments? It should be washed every day. The material stretches when the garment is worn, skin scales, perspiration and cream residues accumulate - and then the stocking slips. mediven compression stockings can be washed by hand or at 40° in the washing machine and then dried in the tumble drier ("delicates" program). Please do not leave to dry on a radiator or in direct sunlight. What makes it easier to put them on and take them off? The donning and doffing aids, medi Butler, some of which can be had on prescription, rubber gloves and foot slippers are valuable helpers. Sweating in the stocking - what can I do? Moisture on the skin is unpleasant. This is why medi compression stockings have the patented Clima Comfort system. The air-permeable fibres take up the sweat immediately and guide it to the outside of the garment. The medi care products (e.g. medi fresh with menthol, can be sprayed onto the medi stocking) provide additional refreshment. Do compression stockings dry the skin out? The outer skin layer in patients with venous disease is often undernourished. Skin scales accumulate in the stocking fabric and can be seen when the stocking is taken off. The medi night care cream soothes the skin. What are the differences between compression stockings? The five mediven models are strictly matched to the users' needs, e.g. mediven elegance (sheer and transparent, 20 colours, ultra-fashionable), mediven active (powerful compression, ribbed appearance), mediven comfort (particularly easy to put on).
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