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Exrcise Therapy

Exercise therapy can assist in preventing varicose veins from becoming more pronounced. The successive contraction/relaxation of the muscles surrounding the veins facilitate elasticity of the vein-walls. It is advisable to wear compression stockings during exercise/sport if you are already using it due to venous disorder. The stockings have a massaging effect during exercise/sport which tones the muscles and helps in firming the tissues.  

Suitable sports/exercises are as follows:

  1. Hiking
  2. Nordik walking
  3. Cycling
  4. Cross-country skiing
  5. Inline skating
  6. Aqua jogging
  7. Swimming
  8. Dancing
  9. Golf
  10. Fitness training on endurance equipment (e.g. stepper, cross trainer, bicycle ergometer)
  11. Special vein exercises
Caution: Before resorting to any exercise schedule please seek medical advice if you are suffering from severe varicose vein, thrombosis or inflammation of veins.  

Other Self-care tips:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Don’t wear tight clothes
  3. Elevate legs
  4. Avoid long periods of continuous standing & sitting
  Medical tip
  1. Mediven Exerciser is a product from medi related to exercise therapy.
  2. Usage and application should be undertaken under specialized medical advice and supervision.
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