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Vein Operations

Different techniques adopted for varicose vein surgery are detailed below


A surgical technique used to pull (strip) out the varicose vein through the incision made in the knee or ankle.

Endovenous laser & radiofrequency ablation

This technique is used to destroy the deceased veins with the aid of laser generated heat.


Scelorotherapy involves damaging, and thereafter closing, of veins with the assistance of chemical injected into the varicose veins.

Liquid Sclerotherapy

Liquid Sclerotherapy is the preferred option for treating smaller veins whereas foam is used for larger ones.


Removal of affected, relatively small, surface veins by making small cuts (approx 1 mm) to pull out the veins is termed as Phlebectomy. This can be done on its own or by using any of the above mentioned techniques.

Transilluminated powered Phlebectomy

This technique is similar to the Phlebectomy procedure with the added feature of highlighting the affected veins by a tiny light illumination. A special suction device with blades is used to sever and remove the varicose veins. Similar to Phlebectomy this can also be done with other surgical techniques or on its own for surface veins. Medical compression stockings are advised in the post-operative stage.

Medical tip

  1. Medical compression stockings like mediven struva 35 is suitable for post-operative usage under these medical conditions. Medical compression stockings are prescribed by the doctor if required, and the patients are measured for the correct fit by specialist medical retailers (e.g. surgical appliance dealers): the user’s leg circumferences are measured in several places so that the compression stocking matches his anatomy exactly.
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