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Cosmetic Surgery

Liposuction is suitable for patients who have a satisfactory physical condition and normal body weight but with pockets of fat. However patients with comparatively looser skin would be better advised to opt for aesthetic surgeries like tummy tuck or body lifts. The type of anesthesia is chosen by the surgeon based on the extent of the surgery required. This could be a local one or a general anesthesia. Pre-surgical preparation:
  1. Avoid medication that could enhance bruising and bleeding
  2. Avoid smoking
Depending on the extent of the body covered for surgery, the duration of surgery could vary from 30 mins to several hours. The procedure:
  1. An intravenous fluid (termed as 'wetting solution') is injected.
  2. A hollow tube (called "cannula") is inserted through a small incision to vacuum out excess fat tissue from the subcutaneous layer.
  3. Several incision sites might be required for a broader treatment area.
  4. Medical compression garment is applied for comfort and effective long term results
There are various liposuction techniques adopted other than the one mentioned above. They are :
  1. Tumescent technique
  2. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL)
  3. Power-assisted liposuction (PAL)
  1. Approximately 2 – 3 weeks
  2. Medical compression garments used as per medical advice during this period
  3. Normal life is restored but medical advice of refraining from sporting activities is suggested.
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