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The lower limb orthotics are external mechanical devices in the form of brace and supports designed for hip, knee, ankle and foot and are applied to enhance functionality. Here at our centre our prime goal is to provide you with the best suitable lower limb orthosis to restore functionality and enhance the quality of life.

Our customised orthotic range includes-

Foot orthosis (shoe insoles/inserts) :- available in three categories- soft, semi-rigid and rigid ,the foot orthosisi are designed when there is a need of a even redistribution of pressure over the entire planter surface of foot and improve the overall alignment of the foot ankle complex to correct any foot deformity such as pesvarus, pesplano valgus etc.

SMO (supra malleolar orthosis):- the supra malleolar Orthosis, also considered as the shortest type of ankle foot orthosis is prescribed in case of significant forefoot, midfoot and subtalar instability with global foot deviation due to low or high tone that interfere with the stance and balance. The brace significantly ends above the ankle bone thus providing more support to foot and ankle than UCBL shoe insert but less than AFO.

AFO :- the ankle foot Orthosis is a brace controlling both the foot ant ankle which terminates well above the ankle and below the knee at the muscular calf area. It provides superior degree of foot and ankle control and can assist in lifting the toes during walking (dorsiflexion) for foot clearence that lacks in a SMO design. AFO is prescribed to treat various neuromuscular (nerve and muscle) diseases such as foot drop and designed to provide support, proper joint alignment and assist or substitute for muscle weakness.

Knee Orthosis :-the functional knee orthoses are prescribed and designed to aid in the stability and recovery of knee joint post ligament injury, post operative reconstructions, or for preventive function. Conditions such as quadriceps weakness with good muscle power of the ankle requires approch to target a specific group of knee muscles by a knee orthosis(K.O). Thus eliminating the need to provide a KAFO.

Fracture guard and P.T.B/I.T.B weight bearing :-cases such as healing fracture weight bearing is completely or partially contradicted, the fracture guard and PTB orthosis is designed which provides adequate compression around the fracture side with minimum or no loading through the shaft of the long bone. The weight bearing is achieved by passing the weight through alternative route such as the patella tendon in case of tibial fracture and ischial tuberosity in case of femoral deformity

KAFO:- KAFOs are designed to treat locomotor or neuromuscular diseases involving the knee, ankle and foot, such as knee imbalance/instability, genu valgum/ varus, genurecurvetum, spinal cord injury, P.P.R.P, trauma, cerebral pulsy(rare), multiple sclerosis etc.

At our centre, we provide high end molded/ laminated KAFO will various knee and ankle joint options, that provides functionality and comfort of the highest degree to the users.

By choosing the TSB designs while the conventional methods KAFO with bands and caps, a better pressure distribution is achieved thus enhancing the brace functionality.

Hip Abduction orthosis :-in cases of perthes diseases, a childhood disorder, where blood supply to the growth plate of the bone at the end of the femur becomes in adequate thus, the bone soften and breaks down also known as avascular necrosis. Once the blood supply is restored the head of the femur must be placed inside the socket of the hip joint to develop a proper shape. This can be achieved by providing a hip abduction orthosis.

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