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Signs of the disease

The signs & symptoms of early lymphoedema include:
  1. Swelling – in the preliminary stages, before any apparent swelling is observed, one might feel tightening of clothing, ornaments, watches, etc
  2. Change in sensation – a sensation of tightness & stiffness in the legs would be felt
  3. Skin changes – Along with feeling stretched, skin would appear scaly, rough & dry
The signs of advanced lymphoedema constitute of:
  1. First stage: Even though swelling might not be noticeable, however a gentle pressure on the affected area might lead to an indentation or mark on the skin (pitting oedema)
  2. Second stage: One might experience complex skin problems. Lymph fluid might ooze out from the skin as it stretches and breaks when tissues harden gradually. This is termed as lymphorroea.
  3. Third stage: Hindrance to mobility would occur and a change in shape of limb would be observed.
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