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Tips for everyday life

A disciplined daily routine keeping in mind the following tips would assist in coping with lymphoedema.


  1. Keep the body clean. Hygiene is mandatory for oedema patients. It is advisable to use pH-neutral skin care products and subsequently avoid deodorants.
  2. Wear comfortable, loose clothing. Footwear should be flat.
  3. Have a balanced diet. Diet routines to ensure lose of weight for over-weight patients are required
  4. Resort to expert qualified medical advice in regard to exercise programmes for lymphoedema patients.


  1. Avoid circumstances or thoughts that could lead to mental stress. It is severely harmful for lymphoedema patients
  2. Caution is advised to avoid injury to nail bed.
  3. Skin injuries on the affected area in any form, i.e. cut, bite, abrasion, scratch, sting, etc, can have severe implications for lymphoedema patients.
  4. Avoid exposure to extended duration of sun rays or hot/warm water.
  5. Due to above mentioned reasons avoid hot, sub-tropical regions as much as possible.
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