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medi 4C

4-point hyperextension brace with
ratchet closer

  1. stable vertebral compression fractures of the lower thoracic and lumbar spine
  2. medium-term immobilisation after intervertebral disc surgery
  3. axial stabilisation in osteoporotic bone collapses of the thoracic and lumbar spine
  4. temporary orthotic care after open surgery of unstable vertebral body fractures
  5. permanent orthotic care for inoperable spinal tumors and metastases
  6. postoperative orthotic care after surgery for tumors and metastases of vertebral bodies
  7. aftercare of spinal decompression surgery with and without internal fixation
Mode of action
  1. hyperextension of the vertebral column provides stabilisation in the saggital plane
  2. rotational stability is restricted by the subclavicular extension pads
  3. stable framework construction restricts lateral flexion
  1. Ratchet closer, simple and safe to use.
  2. Excellent fit due to infinitely variable adjustment in three dimensions.
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