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medi hip orthosis

functional hip joint orthosis with range of motion

  1. post-operative stabilisation after primary total hip replacement
  2. post-operative stabilisation after hip revision surgery
  3. after femoral head resection
  4. after correction osteotomy
  5. unloading pre-operative
Mode of action
  1. guards against dislocation/luxation
  2. controlled early functional exercise therapy
  3. extension and flexion limitations set in 10º increments up to 120º.
  1. infinitely variable settings for the abduction and adduction angle
  2. secure anatomically moulded pelvic and thigh construction supports
  3. adjustable circumference and height
  4. comfortable 'towelling' padding
  5. perfect fitting due to separate hip and thigh parts
  6. quick and simple to take off and put on
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