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mediven® ulcer kit

Two components for unique therapeutic success

mediven® ulcer kit is the logical response to the needs of doctors and patients with respect to inpatient, day care and outpatient compression therapy for venous leg ulcer: medical safety, high compliance and economy.

Ulcer kit
ulcer compression kitulcerkitUlcer_kit_wearing
Indications Promoting venous return in the casual therapy of venous leg ulcers (ulcus cruris venosum) Mechanism of action mediven® ulcer, with an ankle pressure of 20 mmHg, is designed for long term compression. This moderate resting pressure is well tolerated by patients and permits continuity of compression treatment.

mediven® ulcer plus, also with an ankle pressure of 20 mmHg, supports and reinforces compression during periods of mobility. This ensures the 40 mmHg compression pressure which is medically required

  1. Arterial disorders
  2. Right sided heart failure
  3. Massive edema
  4. Pulmonary edema
  5. Pre existing gangrenous damage
  1. Optimum promotion of patient compliance
  2. Comfort in wear combined with high durability
  3. Reliable avoidance of painful constrictions and window oedema
  4. Reliable binding of substances that cause odour
  5. Antimicrobial yarn material
Material mediven® ulcer: polyamide 71%, elastane 28%, silver 1%
mediven® ulcer plus: polyamide 75%, elastane 25%

Features Available compression classes are CCL3(40 mmHg pressure at ankle)
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