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protect.ankle air

Functional ankle brace with air padding

medi protect.Ankle Stirrup Air
  1. conservative and post-operative care of fibular ligament ankle injuries
  2. chronic instabilities of the ankle
Mode of action
  1. rigid shells provide very good stabilisation in pronation and supination movements
  2. the padding adapts to the varying anatomical conditions and provides a uniform compression
  1. anatomically shaped shells
  2. two straps for quick and secure fastening
  3. thanks to the adaptability of the padding the ankle brace can be used for the left and the right ankle
  4. heel strap (individually adjustable)
  5. universal “one size fits all”
  6. lightweight
  1. inflatable air cushion (with a pump to allow adjustment of air cushions)
  2. the cushions are soft even without being inflated thanks to comfortable foam on the inside
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