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protect.Epico ROM®

Elbow orthoses for mobilisation with
immobilisation of the PRU joint

protect.Epico ROM
  1. conservative care of elbow instabilities, with or without other injuries
  2. orthotic care for medial or lateral epicondyle fractures
  3. postoperative care after prosthesis implantation
  4. postoperative care after elbow stabilisation
  5. functional follow-up treatment for stable fractures
  6. passive mobilisation after elbow arthrolysis
  7. postoperative care of elbow ligament instabilities
Mode of action
  1. movement and guide orthosis for individual early functional treatment
  2. movement is limited to 0° – 120° in the hinge, to guarantee movement flexibility appropriate to the stage by early mobilisation – this enhances joint mobility and accelerates healing
  3. as a result of the permitted and really fixed scope of movement, the muscle pump is activated, thus improving the drainage of blood and lymph
  4. flexion / extension restricted to the range 0°– 120° – adjustable in steps of 10°
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