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Prosthetics & Orthotics services

Prosthetics and Orthotics solution is one of the core rehabilitation services offered at this centre, where a dedicated team of qualified and experienced Prosthetists/Orthotists is present to provide world class artificial limb fitment experience in the heart of Kolkata.

The Prosthetic and Orthotic Unit is equipped with a Hi-Tech Laboratory which includes machineries from Schien Orthopaedic GmbH, Germany.

A sophisticated Gait Training arena where some of the latest technologies such as live visual feedback system, integrated stair and ramp systems etc. are used, along with the presence of conventional parallel bar gait training facility.

Aiming at bringing out the best patient feedback amongst the user group who are looking for artificial limb replacement or orthotic supports in Kolkata, we focus not only at providing the optimum prosthetic or orthotic solutions but also to provide them the utmost user oriented rehabilitation programme guided by the latest international standard methods, protocols and technologies.

Some key attributes being:

  • Prosthetics ( Ariticial Limb Services )
  • Orthotics ( customised braces, splints and supports )
  • Gait training
  • Podoscopy
  • Functional AE/BE prosthetics
  • Cosmetic Shoulder disarticulation prosthesis
  • Lower limb replacement
  • Energy return systems
  • Clever bone pylon sytem
  • ESSA pylon system
  • Panthera CF carbon foot family
  • Mechanical/pneumatic/hydraulic /Microprocessor artificial knee joints
  • Carbon laminated socket designs
  • Customised foot orthotics for cavus/planus/LLD/instability
  • Ankle foot Orthosis(AFO) /Supramalleolar Orthosis(SMO)
  • KAFO/HKAFO/Knee cage
  • Fracture braces and guards
  • Boston Brace(for Soliosis management)
  • Upper limb splints
  • LTTP instant splints
  • Diabetic wound/ulcer management
  • Prosthetic & Orthotic Patient Video
  • Patient Feedback
  • medi PO Videos
  • Download medipro Presentation
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