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The spinal braces are prescribed where there is a requirement of support or movement restriction in the spinal region to heal injuries or to treat spinal disorders and deformities such as idiopathic scoliosis


CUSTOMISED TLSO/LSO BRACES – The requirement of customised thoracolumosacral orthosis/lumbosacral orthosis arises in cases of fracture management, post operative stabilisation or adult scoliotic management for supportive and protective functions

CORRECTIVE SCOLIOSIS BRACE – In case of structural idipathic scoliosis, corrective bracing should be started at early childhood, before the maturity of the bones when the child is still growing. Here at our centre after a detailed examination and calculation of cobb’s angle and considering the region  of spine that is affected, either a BOSTON type brace (TLSO) or a MILWAUKEE BRACE (CTLSO) is designed.

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