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Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy


What are anti-embolism stockings?

These are stockings that provide graduated compression to the leg through its firm elastic material. These stocking models could range from lower leg length to full thigh length.

How do anti-embolism stockings work?

The stockings help blood circulation in legs by generating pressure (squeezing effect) on the feet, lower legs & thigh. Thus risk of blood clotting is very low. The class application is prescribed by a physician depending on the severity of the disease. Anti-embolism stocking is inappropriate for certain cases:
  1. recent heart-stroke
  2. peripheral arterial disease
  3. peripheral neuropathy
  4. gangrene
  5. a recent skin graft
  6. eczema or fragile skin on legs
  7. fluid in the lungs caused by heart failure
  8. allergy to stocking material
  9. legs are very swollen

Medical tip

Basic compression therapy with regard to this medical condition is medical compression stockings like mediven struva 35 Medical compression stockings are prescribed by the doctor if required, and the patients are measured for the correct fit by specialist medical retailers (e.g. surgical appliance dealers): the user’s leg circumferences are measured in several places so that the compression stocking matches his anatomy exactly.
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