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Journey Planner

Before the journey

A check list to be followed strictly before venturing out on a long journey
  1. Don’t drink alcohol the night before the journey
  2. Avoid sedatives before the start of the journey
  3. Existing venous problem patients should wear medical compression stockings
N.B: Carry special flight stockings (medi travel) for the journey

During the journey

Few useful tips during the journey
  1. Don’t sit with legs crossed
  2. Enhance mobility through exercise , walking, etc as and when opportunity presents itself
  3. Keep feet raised at suitable opportunities
  4. Maintain a water/fluid consumption level of half litre per hour
  5. Alcohol, coffee & other beverages should be avoided
  6. Resort to loose clothing
N.B: Put on special flight stockings (medi travel) during the journey

Vein exercises

Some vein exercises that can be of assistance during the journey
  1. Alternately rotate toes clockwise & anticlockwise with heels on the ground
  2. With toes on the ground raise the heels
  3. With heels planted on the ground raise the toes
  4. Alternately raise both heels and toes off the ground
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