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The upper extremity prosthesis or the artificial arms replaces the basic requirement i.e. The cosmetic appearance and the hand functionality. Here at our centre, we provide a variety of solutions such as cosmetic hand, mechanical or body power prosthesis, myoelectric system.

Partial hand cosmetic prosthesis:-with the amputation at the finger level or partial hand level, below the wrist, we have a cost effective partial hand non-functional cosmetic solution available with us.

Below elbow/transradial prosthesis:-depending upon the patient’s amputation, level of residual muscle activity, the patients with a transradial amputation can be provided either with a non functional cosmetic hand or a body powered mechanical hand. The most advanced system i.e. myo-electric is also available on request.

Above elbow/transhumeral prosthesis:-with the rise in the level of amputation, the energy demand and difficulty to control the prosthesis also increases significantly. At our centre we provide prosthetic hand options for patients with a manual locking elbow unit providing convenient locking at 12 different prosthesis.

Shoulder dislocation:-the shoulder disarticulation prosthesis comprises of a modular shoulder and elbow joint with 7 manual locking positions provides high flexion angle of 135 degree. It is lined with a cosmetic foam to match contour of the sound side arm.

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