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  • "Nothing, Simply tour product is best and easy to wear" - Mr.Digambar Bhadekar, Nanded
  • "The stockings i useed is for the problem in my legs- Varicos Veins (Police Man Leg). By using this stockings the pain is reduced. Thanks for this woulderful product. It is the best stockings, I have ever seen. This brings down the pain very easily. I am very thankful for this company." - Md.Bilal A., Trichy
  • "Good Product, Good Quality, Good Utility, Good Service, Good People to sell good company products." - Mr.B.C.Chetty, Visakhapatnam
  • "Best product , nice gives best gripes support and for the non healthy and for handicapped persons, Its best than the other products comparatively". - Mr.Mallanna S.Bamshetty, Gulbarga
  • "Socks is very useful for vericose veins, I have got 100% results. I can walk very smoothly when I have wear socks" - Mr.B.J.Shah, Ahmedabad
  • "Ulcer since 6 months -I was suffering from non-healing ulcer, * 08.08.15 was cured within 3 months i.e.11.11.15" - Mr.Ashok Ganpatlal Shelbt, Anand
  • "I am using the product for last 4 years, I found it satisfactory for presenting swelling of my right leg upto knee from toe, I would like to purchase next pair from you through mail order. Is it possible as I find different in printed price marked on carton & actual sale price" - Mr.Diwakar P.Godbole, Bangalore
  • "Knee bandage is very useful for above fifty age women. They can save their knee & safe from knee replacement" - Ms.Swati Kamlesh Parekh, Rajkot
  • "I am now using the 2nd one (duomed AG/thigh No.B, L/CCL-1) result is very good..Dr.also prescribing the duomed one" - – Ms.Anita Kundu, Kolkata
  • "I am very successfully and improving my hand using their medi wrist support" - Mr.Kumud Das, Nalbari

Pushpanjali medi India Private Limited

Pushpanjali medi India Private Limited - led by Mr. Prakash Kumar Sethia (a qualified Chartered Accountant) - promotes/markets and sells products covering the fields of Orthopaedics, Prosthetics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, with a pan-India distribution network covering 140+ cities & dealer strength of 400+

The Head Office of Pushpanjali medi India Private Limited is located at Kolkata - a city situated in the eastern part
of the Indian sub-continent, with an employee strength of 85+ and a patient care unit, Pushpanjali Hi-tech Rehab Centre, founded in 2013 covering 5000 sq ft, comprising of Hi-tech Prosthetic & Orthotic clinic/workshop; Hi-tech Physiotherapy clinic along with Doctor consultancy & a product display area.
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