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back brace for vertebral extension in Osteoporosis by Prof. Minne

Spinomed II
image (1)Spinomed IIspinomeii-3
  1. osteoporotic bone collapse in the thoracic and lumbar spine
  2. juvenile Scheuermann's disease
  3. hyperkyphosis with chronic back pain
Mode of action
  1. by activating the back muscles the support straightens the dorsal spine to decrease the osteoporotic kyphosis
  2. stimulation of the body's own muscle power
  3. when optimally fitted the support eases the patient's pain and improves mobility
  1. the easily bent back brace makes it possible to adjust the support individually to each patient
  2. the brace is light and barely visible under clothing
  3. the "backpack" principal makes putting the brace on easy
  4. no obstruction of thoracic or abdominal breathing
  5. no restriction of shoulder and arm movements
  6. back brace is moldable in cold condition
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