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ankle support with lateral & medial silicone cushions

  1. slight instability of the ankle joint
  2. football player's ankle sprains
  3. joint effusions and swellings due to arthritis and osteoarthritis
  4. chronic, postoperative and post-traumatic inflammation
Mode of action
  1. the compressive fabric and silicone insert have a massage effect which promotes circulation and therefore leads to more rapid resorption of haematomas and oedema
  2. the support improves proprioception and therefore achieves better muscular support (stabilisation of the ankle)
  1. anatomically tailored support with medially and laterally integrated silicone support pads
  2. very elastic, breathable and moisture-transporting clima-comfort® knitted fabric
  3. specially knitted comfort-zone over the instep prevents constriction and pressure areas
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