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wrist support made of airtex

  1. chronic, post-traumatic or post-operative soft tissue injury of the wrist
  2. radial nerve paralysis
  3. immobilisation in distorsions
  4. conservative treatment of tendonitis and / or tenosynovitis
  5. rheumatoid arthritis
Mode of action
  1. Immobilisation and stabilisation of the wrist due to moulable aluminium splint
  2. non-stretch, breathable, moisture transporting fabric
  3. adjustable circular support strap for the wrist
  4. anatomically formed, individually mouldable aluminium splint
  5. easy to fit 'slip-on' system
  6. adjustable velcro straps
  7. available in colour black and sand
  8. airtex-breathable and moisture wicking material
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