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mediven® thrombexin® 18

ANTI-EMBOLISM-STOCKINGS with 18 mm Hg pressure at ankle

Thrombexin 18
  1. Clinically proven to reduce the risk of DVT
  2. In three styles, below knee, thigh length and thigh with waist attachment
  3. With re-inforced soft fleecy heel to reduce the risk of pressure sores on the heel
  4. Inspection opening aids checking circulation
  5. And with anti-bacterial thread in toe area, reduces fungal infections
  6. Slip proof silicone topband reduces risk of roll down
Reliable thrombosis prophylaxis:
  1. Immobile patients pre-, intra-and post operatively
  2. Immediately pre and postparturition
  3. Bedridden patients
Contraindications: Disorder of arterial blood flow, massive oedema of legs, pulmonary oedema, right ventricular heart failure, local infections of the leg.
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