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medi SAK®

variable (10º or 60º) abduction support

  1. impingement syndrome-in acute or chronic inflammation and after open or athroscopic decompression and acromioplasty
  2. reconstruction after rotator cuff ruptures
  3. shoulder prosthesis implantation
  4. frozen shoulder after anaesthesia
Mode of action
  1. immobilisation of shoulder joint at 10º to 60º degrees abduction
  2. temporary pressure relief on the subacromial space
  3. optional weightless mobilisation of the shoulder joint in the horizontal plane
  4. immobilisation to prevent adhesions in the subacromial, subcoracoid and subdeltoid spaces
  5. upper arm wedge provides additional security for the shoulder joint
  1. comfortable to wear due to light weight and terry cloth padding
  2. patient-friendly and secure fastening of the forearm and upper arm straps
  3. comfortable "tennis ball" hand rest; opportunity to train forearm muscles
  4. high wearing comfort due to inflatable shoulder abduction pillow
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