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protect.St pro

short, functional soft brace without flexion/extension limitation, made of Dtex® material

  1. traumatic or degenrative changes of the knee joint
  2. mild to moderate strain of the collateral ligaments
  3. mild arthritis
  4. following arthroscopic meniscectomy
  5. mild instabilities of the knee joint
Mode of action
  1. Short, functional soft brace
  2. collateral stabilisation of the knee joint
  3. prevention of hyperextension
  4. soft brace with compressive and proprioceptive effect
  1. very flat
  2. polycentric hinges hidden in pockets
  3. very comfortable wearing due to popliteal cut out
  4. ideal for use in contact sports
  5. made of elastic, breathable and moisture transporting Dtex II® material
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