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medi travel® women

Compression garments on the journey can reduce
the risk of traveller’s thrombosis.*

The lack of physical exercise during a journey exerts
constant high pressure on the venous system. The
venous valves no longer close perfectly and the blood
circulation slows down. The legs become heavy and
tired – in the worst case, traveller’s thrombosis may
develop. medi travel socks have been specially
developed to keep the veins in shape during long
periods of sitting or standing. They support the
natural blood circulation, so the blood flows back to
the heart against gravity instead of pooling in the

mv travel  women
  1. Your benefits
  2. Increase your cross-selling by offering your customer a travel sock for prevention
  3. Complete your product range for the prevention of traveller’s thrombosis and gain new customers
  4. Offer a product that has been specially designed to match the female target group

  5. Benefits for your customers
  6. Graduated compression can reduce the risk of thrombosis during travelling*
  7. High medical effect for feeling secure
  8. medi travel women have a modern design and look just like semitransparent sheer stockings

  9. Additional benefits
  10. The skin feels comfortable all year round with Clima Comfort (tested by IFTH)
  11. Clima Fresh with antibacterial effects prevents odour formation
  12. Extremely skin-friendly – tested quality to Oeko-Tex Standard 100
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