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Epico ROM®s

Range of motion elbow orthosis

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  1. conservative treatment of elbow dislocations/luxations
  2. orthotic treatment of fractures of the medial or lateral epicondyles
  3. post-operative treatment after implantation of prosthesis
  4. functional aftercare of stable fractures of the distal humerus
  5. temporary immobilisation after elbow arthrolysis
Mode of action
  1. immobilisation of the elbow in 10º increments
  2. immobilisation of the elbow with optional range of motion in steps of 10º degrees: flexion : 0º - 120º extension : 0º - 120º
  1. easy to fit, adjust and clean
  2. full circumference, padded plastic shell with circular straps offer additional comfort and security
  3. skin friendly padding can be 'cut' to fit individual patient needs
  4. comfortable, removeable hand rest
  5. individually adjustable strap for the neck with separate neck pad
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