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Lipomed® bra

lipomed bra shapes and supports the tissues after cosmetic plastic surgery. The specially wide straps ensure the highest comfort in wear. The lipomed belt makes absolutely sure that the implant stays in position after the operation and that you achieve the desired outcome.

  1. lipomed belt: the compression belt reliably prevents a displacement of the implant
  2. Row of hooks in the straps: the compression pressure and the desired cup size can be varied quickly and simply
  3. Front combi fastener: the combination of hooks and zip guarantees circular compression and makes it easier to put on
  4. All the fasteners are made so that they are inconspicuous under clothing
  5. The hypoallergenic fabric creates outstanding microclimatic conditions with excellent active breathing
  1. Post-operative compression therapy after breast augmentation
  2. Post-operative compression therapy after breast reduction and lifting
  3. Compression therapy after mastopexia
  4. Support for lax connective tissue, e.g. after pregnancy
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