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protect.Collar Tracheo

Collar Tracheo(Website)
  1. simple and stable fractures
  2. post-operative after luxations / luxation fractures
  3. degenerative disorders
  4. immobilisation after trauma / surgery
  5. spinal Stenisis & spondylotisthesis
Mode of action
  1. stabilises the neck & immobilises the cervical spine & restricts cervical spine flexion, extension and rotation
  2. anterior and posterior rigid plastic reinforcement supports limit movement
  3. total cervical arch support maintains neutral alignment of the cervical spine
  1. two-piece, contoured, moulded foam shell
  2. adjustable bilateral Velcro fasteners ensure correct fit & large trachea opening for quick access to carotid pulse monitoring and emergency tracheotomies and ventilation openings reduce heat and moisture
  3. water-resistant for bathing and aquatherapy and light weight, X-ray, CT & MRI lucrnt, easily customised for individual requirements
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