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Lumbamed® plus

lumbar support with massage pad

  1. lower back pain caused by disorders of the small intervertebral joints
  2. postural and muscular imbalances in the lumbar area
  3. ligamentous disorders
  4. problems following discectomy
  5. slight structural loosening of the lumbar vertebral column e.g. associated with degenerative joint changes, spondylosis and osteoarthritis of the spine
  6. irritation of the sacroiliac joint
  7. symphysiolysis
Mode of action
  1. slightly reduces lordosis and pelvic anterotation
  2. the Vario-Flex® pad stabilises the sacroiliac joint and relieves the lumbosacral junction
  3. massage of the lumbar muscles to improve circulation
  4. due to Vario-Flex® pad and the compressive knit stimulation of metabolism and reduction of muscular tension and pain
  1. breathable and moisture transporting clima-comfort® fabric provides a permanent comfortable wearing.
  2. vent openings in the Vario-Flex® pad reinforce this effect by preventing the build-up of body heat and sweating.
  3. comfort-zone: the anatomically knitted support ensures a perfect fit without pressure - especially by the anatomically shaped fastener.
  4. available as men and ladies version in two different colours
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