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The diabetic foot ulcer is a very common pathology of the diabetic foot which is caused by the reduced or inability to sense pain. Around half of the patients with a diabetic foot ulcer have co-existing peripheral artery disease and wounds take very long to heal. If not treated properly, acute secondary infection may set in and it may lead to amputation at a higher level.


OFFLOADING SHOES –  The very basic and most effective way to treat a diabetic foot ulcer is by offloading the injury site, thus the ulcer is devoid of any pressure that prevents repetitive  micro trauma and facilitates healing

DIABETIC SHOE – With removable therapeutic insole, wide and soft toe area to prevent rubbing of toe or tripping and mid rocker sole that permits easy ambulation, the shoes prevents the foot to develop any ulcers

Podoscopic analysis

We use PODOSCOPE ,,, a step ahead in foot assessment:-

At PHRC, the trained and experienced orthotic professionals, apart from their own expertise, also use the podoscope, a machine used to analyse the planter surface of the foot. Along with the podoscope , we have a device to capture the image of the sole of the foot which is analysed by GPS-5.0 software which gives its own report regarding the foot condition that augments the orthotist’s findings.

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