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Financial Services

Pushpanjali Financial Services

Under the PUSHPANJALI GROUP, Pushpanjali Credit Resources Limited commenced its operations with Pushpanjali Financial Services (PFS) as its initial division. Due diligence, dedication, managerial capabilities, guidance and successful diversification in ventures have catapulted this non-banking financial division to occupy a premier position in the country.

Besides mobilisation and marketing of financial instruments, PFS offers various other products as enlisted below:

Hire Purchase
Lease Financing
Bill Discounting
Inter Corporate Deposits
Loan Syndication Services
Placement of Debt Instruments to Large Corporate Houses
Acting as Advisors / Consultants / Arrangers in ECB matters both nationally and internationally

Leaders in ….

The Company has become one of the leading Merchant Bankers in the country in the capacity as Advisors / Consultants in Public / Rights and Private Placement Issues. The Company improved its ranking to Second position in India, as per Prime Database in the Financial Year 1996-97, from its Third position in the Financial Year 1995-96 in terms of the number of issues handled.

Pushpanjali Financial Services has grown by leaps and bounds since commencement of its operations in the fields of mobilization and marketing of financial instruments. Performance of the company can be gauged from the good results achieved by the company, even though the financial market scenario, in general, was down and the economy of the country was also on a downward trend.

The rise exhibited in mobilization was due to the superlative efforts and competitive nature of our marketing team supplemented by an excellent communication network at the disposal of PFS.

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